Vadim Smirnov
Vadim Smirnov

Hacktober 2021 results

01 November, 2021
- 3 min read

With Hacktober coming to an end, we would like to take a moment to appreciate the overwhelming support and contributions we've seen the past…

That one thing I regret about my CSS code

10 October, 2021
- 4 min read

The tech world evolves in a tremendously fast manner, and so do design trends. When teams are working hard to deliver beautiful applications…

Medusa Hacktoberfest 2021

30 September, 2021
- 3 min read

It's that time of year, and Hacktober is right around the corner. This year Medusa is excited to take part in the fest for the first time…

Integrate Segment to your Medusa project

21 September, 2021
- 4 min read

Modern e-commerce businesses have to integrate with a wide spectrum of tools from marketing and personalization to analytics and business…

Announcing Create Medusa App: One command for a full-stack headless e-commerce setup

15 September, 2021
- 3 min read

With the new tool you will get your Medusa development environment ready within a couple of minutes. After completion, you will have a…

Setting up a Next.js storefront for your Medusa project

06 September, 2021
- 3 min read

Medusa storefront Medusa is a headless open source commerce platform giving engineers the foundation for building unique and scaleable…

A walkthrough of my Gatsby website

30 January, 2021
- 3 min read

I've been writing code for a while now and working as a community leader for 2.5 years for GDG and now for Facebook DevC. I was always…

Hello World!

24 January, 2021
- 1 min read

Hey and welcome to my new website! My name is Vadim and I am an engineer and community leader for Facebook DevC. For most of the time, I've…

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